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If you have decided that renting out an apartment, room or home that you have is what you want to do to generate extra income. There is planning you need to do before you allow someone to come in. You not only want to spend time getting the space you have in the best shape possible, but you also want to make sure you have a valid and legal rental agreement in place that your new renters can sign. There are many horror stories you hear about from landlords about renters and how problems arose because of the lack of a solid agreement. Before you draw up an agreement, you should check out a sample lease agreement form to see what you need to make sure you are protected.

An Agreement for Your State

The first thing you need to make sure of is that any agreement you draft covers the landlord-tenant laws that exist in your state. Each state has different laws governing housing, tenants, and rental agreements, so you need to be certain any agreement you draw up is one that covers all the areas that fall under the laws of your location. Many websites may offer generic samples that you can follow, but they may not cover the specifics that you need. Take the time to find a sample that is relevant to your state.

sample lease agreement form

An Agreement That Covers All Issues

Any sample lease agreement that you look at or use should be one that covers the potential issues that can arise during the rental. You want specific wording that relates to issues like security deposits, renewal of the lease, notice that needs to be given by the landlord or tenant for situations, payment of utilities, repairs, and other important issues.

The Expert Agreement You Want

For a sample lease agreement form that you can use that is valid for your state and your needs, check out what they offer at U.S. Legal Forms. Their lease agreements are drawn up and examined by experienced, professional attorneys and are completely adaptable so you can change them to suit your specific needs. You can request a call back by filling their online contact form. Find the forms you need for your lease agreement on their website so you can be sure you have the proper protection you need for yourself and your property.

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