Changing the Name of a Boat: Dos and Don’ts

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If you have spent any time around sailors or other seafaring individuals, you may be familiar with the superstitions that surround changing the name of a boat. It is said that it is bad luck to switch out the moniker on a vessel, and as such, doing so should be avoided at all costs. Of course, if you are not the superstitious type, you may have valid reasons for changing the name of your boat. Maybe a change in your life has come up to where the name no longer fits? Or, perhaps you have bought a previously owned vessel and would like to put your own stamp on it. In truth, there is a multitude of reasons why someone might change the name of their boat.

Back luck aside, however, there are some “don’ts” that you would be wise to adhere to when changing the name of a Canadian vessel. As this process is more than merely a ceremonial one–there is a fair amount of paperwork involved–you will want to make sure that you rename your boat in a way that is compliant with Transport Canada.

Read more about changing the name of a boat at National Vessel Registry Center, Corp.

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