What does the Canadian Official Number Consist of?

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What does the  Canadian official number consist of provincial/territory digraphs, like AB, BC, MB, it no longer requires a port location. You can tell that the boat has been licensed before 2007 if the vessel has a number-letter combination found at the vessel’s bow.

Now, if it’s licensed by the Service Canada, the official number includes a provincial digraph with digits.   Now, if your boat has an old form of Canadian official number, then consider getting a new number. The best thing about it all is that there’s no charge in applying for a new ON. After obtaining a new Canadian official number, it’ll be entered in the new license data system. Any licensed boat should have markings on both sides of the bow. They should have a contrasting official number of block characters.

Canadian Official Number Consist

Purchasing a used boat

If you’re buying a second-hand boat with a license, it’s vital that you transfer the license within three months of purchase. The Canadian official number stays with the vessel for its lifetime. It means that even if you sold it, the boat’s number would remain with the ship. In transferring the license, the previous owner must sign and submit the completed transfer form to Service Canada. If you’re a Canadian resident, but you register your vessel in another country, like the US, you can still use it in Canada. However, it’s only for limited time. After that, you’ll have to pay for duty and tax on the vessel.

How to process Canadian official number when purchasing a new boat?

The Canadian official number is shown on the certificate of registration or license. As mentioned earlier, the number stays on the boat forever. When you buy a new boat, a boat broker can process the registration and license, as well as the sales tax. If you’re selling your boat, you need to follow all instructions on how to perform a transfer of Canadian registration or license and deliver it to the new owner. The new owner or the buyer will be the one to complete the transfer.

After getting a license for your boat, make sure that the Canadian official number matches the plate on the vessel. It should also match the bill of sale and all paperwork. To help you process your boat registration or license, their online service form at https://canadianvesselregistry.ca/ to help you.

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