Can Turpentine Be Used to Clean Wood?

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Turpentine uses are aplenty. It is used in paint and finishes stripping. It comes from pine wood chips that have been heated. The chemical produced is distilled. What are the many uses of turpentine? Where can you purchase it?

What are the Many Turpentine Uses You Must Know?

Remove Paint

This is the most common use of turpentine. It can effectively remove paint from surfaces, like wood. It softens the paint when it’s applied to a painted surface. When it touches the surface, it is easier to wipe it away.

Strip Finishing

Turpentine is also used in softening varnish or shellacked finishes on woods. When it is applied to the surface, you can easily wipe away the varnish or any finish.

Read more about Turpentine uses at Pine Tar World.

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