Remedies to Hair Loss

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Since we are  image-conscious people, losing our hair could affect us, personally and professionally. That said, the last thing we want to happen to our hair is to look in the mirror and see our mane starts to disappear. Hair loss comes in various ways, like receding hairlines, thinning hair and bald patches. Whatever the causes are, there are natural remedies that can combat this issue so can keep your confidence in best form.

Carnitine- It is a natural compound needed for energy production. You may have encountered it as a fat burning supplement. It promotes constant energy supply to the body’s internal functions, including your hair follicles. You can say that it acts as a stimulant while it promotes hair growth on the scalp.

Soy Isoflavones- They can help in reducing DHT levels in the body. DHT is a major contributing factor to male pattern baldness. Reducing its levels will give your hair scalp a chance to grow while stalling hair loss.

Capsaicin- If soy isoflavones are paired with capsaicin, they can further reduce hair loss while they promote the production of new hair cells. Capsaicin works by encouraging IGF1 production, thereby, getting new hair.

Raspberry Ketones- Who does not love raspberries? They contain ketones that reduce body fat levels. In some laboratory tests, these fruits are said to be useful in promoting hair regrowth. They work the same way as capsaicin. That is, they release IGF1 in the scalp that can lead to new hair cell production while combating hair loss.

Jojoba Oil- It resembles that of the natural oil in the human skin. Application of this oil on your scalp will ensure that the scalp pores are well-lubricated, thereby, allowing hair growth to flourish fully.

Biotin- For healthy hair growth, you will need biotin. You can find it in various vitamins and mineral supplements. What is great about having a vitamin supplement with biotin is that you are also receiving other vital elements that can promote healthy production of hair cells. These other necessary vitamins will include vitamin D and iron. Biotin is a vitamin B that aids protein keratin, which is vital in preventing hair thinning.

remedies to hair loss

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Remedies to Hair Loss

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