The Best Liposuction in Beverly Hills to Reduce Armpit and Back Fat

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Armpit and back fat are stubborn deposits of fat that can cause discomfort and embarrassment. Armpit fat is rolls or bulges of fat or skin folds that have accumulated in the area between the bra and the arm. So it’s in your best interest to find the best Liposuction in Beverly Hills to Reduce armpit and back fat. This sort of fat builds up around the side of the chest, creating bulges under the armpits and above the bra line.

Back fat similarly occurs on the back, bulging above and below the bra, sometimes building up along the upper waist area or upper torso. The effect of this fat build-up can make you self-conscious wearing some items of clothing, such as a swimsuit or sleeveless tops. It can also make you uncomfortable because of your bra digging into your torso.

How can the Best Liposuction in Beverly Hills Reduce Armpit and Back Fat?

If you are concerned about armpit or back fat, the first things to look at are your diet and exercise habits. If you are overweight, a reduced-calorie diet is recommended. Exercise is also essential to increase the metabolism, burn fat, and tone the muscles. Generally, before considering surgery, diet and exercise should be the first choice of action. Never follow a fad diet. If possible, consult your doctor before going on any diet or exercise program.

Best Liposuction in Beverly Hills

Can you exercise the fat off?

The bad news is that although exercise can help reduce overall weight, exercise does not work for spot fat reduction. You can certainly firm up specific muscles, but if there is a substantial layer of fat on top of the muscle, no exercise is going to budge the bulge.

In fact, there are plenty of people who are fit and exercise enough who still have stubborn fat deposits. This phenomenon can often be attributed to genetics, lifestyle, or hormones. Also, everyone is different in how their body stores fat. If, however, there is excess fat all over the body, a reduced-calorie eating regime and good exercise habits will definitely help.

What if exercise and diet don’t work?

If, after losing weight and exercising sufficiently, you don’t obtain the results you want, you might have to consider more decisive action. This is when you need to call a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon for expert advice. Some women have a breast reduction or breast lift, but this depends on how much the breasts are sagging and how heavy they are. Liposuction or an upper back ‘body lift’ are also options.

What can a cosmetic surgeon do?

A skilled plastic surgeon can help in many ways. Liposuction and a surgical upper arm reduction are two ways of getting rid of excess armpit fat and excess skin. Of course, surgery does leave scars. If you are heavy-breasted, your armpit fat bulges or back fat bulges can be shaped and reduced by liposuction or surgical excision. This reduces the weight of the upper torso and breast area and reshapes the breasts for better comfort. The nipples can also be repositioned to a more desirable place on the chest wall. Contact a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon for a consultation.


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