Begin Dispute Management With 40-Hour Mediation Training Online

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Learn how to effectively manage disputes in the workplace by studying with Edwards Mediation Academy. Edwards Mediation Academy focus is in teaching students methods of dispute resolution, and they have a particular emphasis upon the legal profession, including lawyers and judges, and both business professionals and community leaders. They will teach you dispute management and resolution with real world examples. Thus, allowing you to learn how to cope with the situations in the workplace and in the community. For a simple introduction to mediation, interested students should start by taking their initial course. Offering 40-hour mediation training online as the first step in building a career in mediation.

Learn Essential Mediation Skills

Mediation is not simply talking to people about their conflicts. Or the office water cooler would be an expert. Instead, it is an extremely skilled occupation. Which involves the handling of many different types of dispute resolution. From commercial and business interests, to the workplace and occupational conflicts. Community disputes and even policy discussions. In order to successfully negotiate your way around dispute resolution, you will need to have some essential mediation skills. Which EMA can teach you.

Mediating In India

There is a growing demand for dispute resolution skills in India. And for many this will require a specialist course allowing you to understand mediation in India. What dispute resolution is required, and how to handle mediation processes in that country likewise. By learning with EMA’s team, and viewing two-party disputes which have been filmed in India, you can gain a lot of information about how to mediate successfully in India. And become a dispute resolution expert for that area. Your skills will be in great demand there. And you could launch your career by working in India.

Going Further

After you have begun mediation, you may want to expand your knowledge and start to learn more about mediation and conflict resolution by taking your skills to a higher level. Their advanced mediation courses teach students how to handle multi-party disputes, where there may be more complex disagreements that consequently require harder negotiation. For example, you will see this in the real-world during insurance claim settlements, or when dealing with complex liability issues. To complete your career change, you may want to consider EMA developing your career course, which will help you to learn what it takes to build a career in mediation.

40-Hour Mediation Training Online

Start Today With Us

If you are ready to begin learning how to resolve conflicts and disputes, either in the workplace or for other parties, then you should start with the 40-hour mediation training online course which will teach you the essential skills needed to begin mediation in the real world. To find out more about what EMA’s courses offer, or to seek a place on the next course, you should contact Edwards Mediation Academy today, either by sending an inquiry using their online message form, or by talking to a member of the team by calling them at (877) 927-1362 now.

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