Becoming a Better Piano Player

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Becoming a better piano player isn’t about who’s the better pianist. Rather, it’s about competing with yourself so you can be a better player than you are right now. Playing the piano can be more fun if you feel that there are no limits to what you can do so you can focus more on getting being lost in the music.

In this post, let’s talk about some things that you can to improve your technique.

1. Learn the theory

Most students enjoy improvements in how they play when they start learning or studying a music theory class. While learning music theory, you can easily connect chords that sound good together. You can also hear where a song or music should go next.

Learning music theory doesn’t require you to do advanced learning or have a degree in theory. As simple as learning how to form chords or recognize key signatures can help you comprehend what music you’re playing.

2. Learn classical pieces

It’s true that classical music can be boring. But it’s technically demanding. However, when you get into a more advanced piece, you can start seeing a a huge improvement in your abilities. The reason for this is that classical music can assist you in building a solid foundation of the basics of piano. From there, you can quickly expand.

But learning classical music first before playing another music isn’t mandatory. However, it does help in making you a better piano player. A few classical composers that you should consider learning their pieces would include Bach and Chopin.

Choose a piece that will challenge yourself. You will never improve if you only play what you already know.

3. Learn how to challenge yourself

Some piano students fail to challenge themselves. But challenging yourself will make you better. Just like a body builder who needs to lift heavier weights as the time goes by, a piano player should play more difficult pieces so he/she can improve.

Unfortunately, some piano students wound only play songs that they know. It’s one of the reasons many students fail to develop as they are stuck playing songs that are no longer challenging them.

So, the next time you ask yourself how you can be a better pianist, you should play a song that you thought you couldn’t play.

Becoming a Better Piano Player

4. Learning piano with a teacher

Some people who try to get to play the piano don’t take lessons. They can be pretty good. But they can become better if they only took lessons. It’s helpful if you have a teacher who knows what he/she is doing to guide you. Your teacher can tell you what improvements can be made.

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