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Healthcare architecture isn’t like other kinds of architecture. Healthcare architecture needs to look nice, sure, but it always has to have healthcare in mind. That has to be paramount: ease of movement, accessibility, and more. Every little detail with healthcare architecture counts, because every single moment in a healthcare facility counts. With the right healthcare architecture, medical professionals can do their best work, healing their patients and allowing them to live their best lives. Our healthcare architecture firm has created many facilities that empower medical professionals, and we can do the same for you. 

Experienced Healthcare Architecture Firm 

healthcare architecture firm

It’s entirely possible that, even though you’re reading this blog, you’ve never heard of RBB Architects before. That’s fine, in fact, it’s perfectly understandable. However, you probably have heard of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, St. Agnes Medical Center, and the health systems for St. Joseph’s as well as UCLA. If you’ve heard of those facilities, then even if you haven’t heard of us, you have heard of our work. We’re the preferred provider for each of those facilities as well as several others. So, we can bring that same level of experience to your healthcare architecture project. 

Rankings and More 

We’re quite proud of our healthcare architecture work. You don’t, of course, have to take our word for it. Instead, you can listen to the Office of Healthcare Planning and Development. We’re extremely proud to have been ranked #1 by them. That means that of all the healthcare architecture firms, we’ve been chosen as the top one consistently. Obviously, that’s not as important to us as doing the work the right way, but it is one more way to show prospective clients that we can get the work done right. That said, our resume isn’t just on paper; it’s the healthcare facilities that we’ve contributed to all over. 

Affecting Lives Positively Through Design 

One thing we have noticed over the years is that many care providers don’t realize everything that great design can do. Of course, they know when a medical facility looks good on the outside as well as the inside. But, there’s so much more to great design than just the aesthetics. It can positively affect the lives of the care providers as well as their patients. Lean design strategies make it easier for care providers to get to where they need to go. 

A Patient-Centered Strategy

In the end, healthcare architecture is about the needs of the patient, like so much else at a healthcare facility. By putting their needs and comfort first, we’re able to design architecture that works for the patients as well as for their care providers as well. That said, healthcare facilities are just some of the architecture that we can provide. Additionally, we’ve worked on higher education facilities, laboratories, and so much else. We are always happy to sit down with someone to discuss their projects. You can message us through our site or call us at (310) 473-3555. 

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