1958-1962 Corvette Dash Inserts

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Old car buffs know that 1958 was a very significant year for the automotive industry, and General Motors was not an exception to that. They made design changes across the board, and the Corvette is in that list. The “New” 1958 Corvette interior featured a modern aircraft inspired cockpit appearance. Rounded recess instrument cluster on the left, and matching recess on the right. The passenger side featured a padded vinyl covered “grab bar” backed by a beautiful recessed insert with “CORVETTE” lettering. This Corvette dash insert consisted of a thin, curved, concave aluminum plate. There was a beautiful horizontal grain with the recessed CORVETTE letters in white.

The insert had bright stainless moldings top and bottom. A stamped steel housing did this entire assembly. The stainless moldings captured the aluminum insert, and they welded them in the back to the housing. Very extravagant, as many items were in the 50’s. Compare this part to plastic and cheaply made interior parts in subsequent years!

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