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Hotels and guest houses need to keep a close eye on the changing of popular opinion, and one place where this is more important than others is in handling environmental expectations. It is not unusual for people who travel to be some of the most proactive when it comes to taking care of the planet, and this means that hotels and boarding rooms need to be able to tell their guests that they always keep their eye upon environmental policies and have a strong green policy on their premises. One way to keep this at the forefront of your guests’ minds is to invest in Project Planet equipment.

Project Planet

A Name Known around the World

Most of your guests will already know about this company, as they are understood around the world to be one of the top programs when it comes to the reuse of linens and towels. This means that when you choose to participate in the program, you will be advertising to your guests that you have one eye upon the environmental impact of towels and linens and that you participate in programs designed to reduce this aspect of your business. Many guests will be interested in seeing this program in your hotel.

Taking Part in the Program

We can help hotel owners to take part in this reuse program today by providing start-up kits for beginners in the system. This provide you with all of the training and printed items you will require to become a member of the program, and will give you a head start when it comes to making sure your hotel follows environmental reuse guidelines for linens. You may also purchase other items such as lobby posters, instructional cards for your housekeepers, and cards to provide guests with the chance to give their opinions on your reuse programs.

Let Us Help You Find These Programs Today

If you are in the middle of converting your hotel to a more environmentally sound policy, then you can make use of our help in reaching out to the Project Planet towel and linens reuse program. By buying everything through them, you have a guarantee that you will be part of the environmental movement, and guests will notice your efforts in this regard. If you want to find out more about how this program can benefit your hotel, or to talk to a member of their team, call them on (800)224-4228 now.

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