Overcome Addiction with a Medical Detox Program

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One of the worst consequences of alcohol and drug addiction is dealing with the withdrawal from the substance. Addicts often find that they believe they are high functioning or barely addicted to a drug until they have to stop using it. Experiencing a range of different symptoms, it can be so hard to successfully withdraw from either drugs or alcohol that patients are often admitted into a hospital setting for the first two weeks or so. They understand how difficult it can be to suffer these withdrawal symptoms, and therefore offer a professional medical detox service that can be used to resolve your addiction.

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Some of the Symptoms You May Experience

There are a wide range of different withdrawal symptoms that you may experience when you are trying to stop using a substance that has been an everyday experience for months or years. If you have been delaying this step in recovery because you are so afraid of the consequences, then you may already know some of these symptoms. They include seizures and shaking, vomiting and pains in the body, headaches, anxiety, insomnia and sometimes even hallucinations. These symptoms can be very stressful if you are not in suitable accommodations, and this is why a medical rehab center is so important.

What to Expect At a Detox Center

You may never have been into rehab before, and so a detox center can be a bit of a surprise. These centers are often located in beautiful natural surroundings, such as our center which is located in Los Gatos Hills. We work in beautiful surroundings to provide a warm and welcoming location for our patients, full of rehab professionals, specialty foods, and high-end medical services that can make the withdrawal experience much less painful. We know that this is not going to be an easy process, but we seek to aid you as much as possible in order to allow you to move on with your life free of addiction. With so many options for rehab, Summit Estate is one of the best.

Start Your Detox Today At Our Luxury Center

Now is the time to take the next step towards overcoming your drug or alcohol addiction. You can withdraw with the summit rehab center, and then move easily onto an outpatient group therapy session. This means that you have a constant source of support even after you have finished the medical detox. Find out how Summit Estate can help you today by calling them on (877) 723-2778 now.

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