How DMAE Supplements Help Your Mind

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DMAE supplements are one of the more powerful supplements for helping a person’s mind that most people aren’t aware of. As an acronym, it’s not terribly easy to pronounce. It is, however, much easier to pronounce than its other name “2-dimethylamineoethanol.” More folks should be aware of this substance, as it can help a person’s mind quite a bit as they go through their day. Like anything that can affect your mind, it’s critically important that you research it, and then only take it from someone that you trust. Formula168 uses this substance in their “Quantum Focus” supplements, a trusted name for many years.

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DMAE Supplements for the Mind

The way that DMAE supplements are thought to work is: when consumed, they increase the body’s acetylcholine. That is the name of a neurotransmitter. This neurotransmitter has many positive benefits for the mind. It is thought to improve a person’s memory, mental acuity and even their mood. That’s what makes DMAE such a perfect fit for Formula168’s Quantum Focus. The entire supplement is built around improving a person’s mood and making them mentally sharp all day (and night) long. The DMAE goes naturally with everything in there.

DMAE Beauty Supplements, Too

DMAE supplements can do wonders for the mind. When combined with other mental boosting ingredients, they can help your mind in ways that would’ve seemed like science fiction not that long ago. However, that’s not everything that DMAE can do for your body. In fact, there is also some evidence that DMAE can help with your physical appearance, as well. It’s not the main reason to consume DMAE, but some studies have shown that DMAE can also have some anti-aging properties. It’s possible it can contribute to making you look younger for longer. There is some debate over what in DMAE causes this, but there’s no debate that DMAE is a powerful and safe chemical.

Energy Supplements for the Brain

With the addition of DMAE supplements (and other ingredients), Formula168’s “Quantum Focus” works as a “nootropic.” It provides a complete cognitive boost for your brain. You know what it’s like to feel smarter and sharper, more energetic and focused. You also know that, during the course of a typical day at work or school, that feeling fades. Eventually, you feel sluggish, tired and unfocused. However, imagine if you didn’t have to feel that way. Imagine that you could feel mentally alert, with a balanced mood and a laser focus all day long. That’s what this supplement can do.

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Formula168 has so many different supplements to help your body in a variety of ways. Some make you look your best for a long period of time. Others, like Quantum Focus, help your brain to reach and max out its potential. Get more out of your days and nights; whether you’re hard at work on the big project or wanting to savor every moment of a night out with those you love most. Find out more by calling (855)981-6888 or go to the site for DMAE supplements.

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