Finding Alternatives to Divorce in Orange County

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Getting a divorce can be very messy for you and your partner on many levels. Often there is animosity, statements are made that can be hurtful, and actions get taken that may be spiteful or injurious in some way. On top of all that, divorce can be very expensive for both parties involved, costing thousands upon thousands of dollars and taking many months to resolve. More people today that are looking for a more amicable way to end a marriage are finding better alternatives to divorce in Orange County with the help of the right professionals.

Alternatives to Divorce in Orange County

Mediation as an Alternative

Turning to the help of a professional mediator can be one way to resolve things without the need for a divorce. Many couples today opt for mediation to streamline the divorce process without the time or costs often involved in a divorce. Mediation works best when there is an agreement between both parties regarding a division of assets, care for children and the like. This agreement helps to avoid the court process of a divorce that is often used to settle issues of this nature.

Using an Arbitrator as an Alternative

Another of the alternatives to divorce in Orange County is to seek out arbitration to help with the divorce process. An arbitrator can be important to help to settle any disputes that may exist between the parties involved so that they can be resolved without the need of going to court. Arbitration awards are binding, just as court decisions are, and can help resolve issues quicker than what you may experience if you had to go before a judge for your case.

Discussing Your Alternatives

If you are interested in finding out more about the alternatives to divorce in Orange County and how having an expert that perform a valuation and forensic analysis can assist with the equitable division of assets, contact them here at CROSSCOR Valuations & Forensics, Inc for help. They are accounting experts that can assist you or your attorneys to make sure things get settled accurately. You can learn more about their services right here on their website, or you can call them directly at 949-264-1455 to schedule an appointment to meet with them and discuss your case and options. If you find it easier to send them an email, please do so to Alternatively, you can use their contact form to get in touch, and they will respond as soon as possible.

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