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A rehab center is just the first stepping stone on a long road out of addiction. Many people go into rehab and cleanup, and then find themselves stuck in the same situation as before, struggling to overcome social pressures and mental health issues. Because they often leave rehab centers without any further support, these people find that they are not able to stay away from their addiction, and so the cycle begins again. At Summit Estate, they believe that a California rehab center should not be a revolving door for addicts, but should offer them a genuine way out of their problems with substance abuse.

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Why Relapse Is So Common

There are several reasons why people struggle with the return of their addiction once they leave rehab. Of course, by far the most common is a basic lack of support, either from their home or from the wider community. Without this support, it is easy to fall back into addiction, and there is no one there to prevent it or strengthen the recovery. Secondly, another common reason for relapse is that the addict has not uncovered the reasons why they have become addicted to a substance. Unless they can uncover the root cause of their triggers, and how to avoid it in the future, they may well relapse easily once they have left the Summit rehab center.

Better Preparation

Summit Estate believes that it is much easier to take steps towards recovery if you are in a good position in the first place. It is their job to help you learn how to avoid drugs or alcohol, how to make changes in your lifestyle that reduce your need for the substance, and even how to combat peers who are encouraging you to abuse again. By giving you these tools, they can send you out into society better armed to protect yourself against relapse.

A Full Recovery Program

One of the ways in which they can assist you with overcoming addiction is by providing a full recovery program. You are not only entering into a medical detox at Summit rehab, but will also be encouraged to join further therapy sessions after you leave the inpatient wards. What this means is that you will have a constant source of support and encouragement, as well as advice and experience that you can use when you feel vulnerable. To commit to a fully recovered life, call us at (877) 723-2778 today.

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